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Original PaleoKit

A perfectly portable and healthy mix of nitrate-free, free-range beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruits. Offered in SMALL or LARGE, the Original PaleoKit is vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. Simple, delicious nutrition!

Large: $6.49
Small: $4.49

Grass-Fed PaleoKit

Enjoy the GRASS-FED & GRASS-FINISHED version of our Original PaleoKit.

A delicious mix of Grass-Fed beef jerky, raw almonds, raw macadamias, raw pecans, dried strawberries and cranberries, this Kit is the perfect way to get your healthy protein, fat and carbs on-the-go!

Large: $7.49

Small: $5.49
Coconut PaleoKit

If you like coconut, you'll love our Coconut PaleoKit!
A mix of our free-range, nitrate-free, gluten-free beef jerky (raised without antibiotics or added hormones), dried coconut, and strawberries.

A great choice of healthy fat, coconut makes the perfect addition to this PaleoKit!

Large: $6.49
Small: $4.49
Strongman PaleoKit
Our Price: $7.95

Our Strongman PaleoKit is the XL version of the PaleoKit.

With a generous helping of our Original jerky, nuts and berries, the Strongman PaleoKit is designed for those hard-chargers and big appetites.

Guaranteed to satisfy even the most intense hunger!
Berky (Berries and Jerky)
Our Price: $3.95

Want to introduce your kids to healthy, whole foods and Paleo eating? Sick of "kid-friendly" snacks that are nothing but processed, packaged junk?

Berky is the perfect way to show the littles that a snack can be both nutritious and tasty. Full of important nutrients like zinc and B-vitamins, this mix of berries and beef jerky is gluten-free, soy-free, nitrate-free, nut-free, and MSG-free.

Berky is all about healthy Paleo eating for Cave Kids...and grown-ups love it too!
Our Price: $12.49

Inspired by our troops - who need to stay fueled in the field but have few unprocessed options - we created this delicious mix of our famous Original jerky, raw macadamias, raw almonds, and raw pecans.

Our PaleoMRE has served well for many soldiers on extended missions, service people, and outdoor adventurers.  

This nitrate-free, MSG-free, and gluten-free fuel will be there when you need it!
Mango PaleoKit
Mango PaleoKit (with Grass-Fed Beef)

What happens when you combine our top selling Dried Mangos and Grass-Fed Beef Jerky, then mix in some delicious macadamia nuts? You get our Mango PaleoKit of course!

This Kit is the perfect way to get your healthy protein, fat and carbs on-the-go! And it's super tasty...a win-win!

Large: $7.49
Small: $5.49
Apple Pie PaleoKit
Apple PaleoKit
Our Price: $6.49

A delicious combination of dried apples, raw pecans, raw almonds, and our Original Jerky.

Our Apple PaleoKits a great post workout treat - especially when that "workout" involves raking leaves or carving pumpkins!  Designed as a seasonal PaleoKit, it's made the jump to our regular lineup.

Now you can enjoy these anytime.