“I just got my order in today, my first order that is. I am officially hooked!!!! This is the BEST jerky I've ever had. It blows those commercial brands out of the water. The texture is firm but you don't feel like you're eating shoe leather. The spices are amazing and the taste is phenomenal!!! I have celiac disease and carbohydrate deficiency so I was looking for a gluten free/sugar free jerky and, by God, I've found it!!!! Will be ordering a bunch more on payday. Thanks Steve!!!”

- Lyle A.

“I find myself doing a monthly order from this site. At first I was doing whole 30 and wanted to find beef jerky that didn't involve added sugar and came across this site. I ended up getting my dad hooked on the dried strawberries. I'm trying all the different jerky flavors that Steve has to offer and have not been let down by any of them so far. PaleoCracklings are the best!!!!”

- Kalli.

“I received my package from you guys at my work (chicken jerky, paleo kits, and paleo krunch), and I decided to try the chicken jerky first. I tasted it and instantly loved it, so being a nice co-worker I let all my other co-workers try some, and they love it too! One of my co-workers loves it so much, she asked for the website so she can order some for herself! Great stuff you guys got going on here, keep it up!”

- Christian A.

“Oh holy Moses... since going paleo almost a year ago, I missed the convenience of a quick breakfast where I could just dump some cereal into a bowl and go. No more... just pour almond or coconut milk over this, and you'll be in heaven!! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for providing such a great, clean, paleo-compliant breakfast or snack option that isn't just good for me, but tastes GREAT.”

- Lori C.

“This jerky never lasts long in our house. The taste of buffalo chicken wings without the mess, or the guilt.”

- TBurns

“Received this in my shipment, and they taste AH-MAZ-ING. Perfect for those times when I have to be out of the house for long periods of time or am on the go... grab this, some jerky and some fruit, and I'm good to go. Makes travel days so much less stressful!! Thanks a million!”

- Lori C.

“Just when I thought Paleostix could not possibly get any better, they just did! I love the meatier texture of the new stix. They are so good I devoured two packages as soon as the box arrived. I'm definitely ordering more soon.”

- Jaime K.

“This stuff is incredible for a snack, or even dinner if you are starving and refuse to cook or lack ingredients to cook with. I love them so much, they save my days constantly. For an active person, these are essential.”

- Bennet G.

“There are so many good flavors in the PaleoKrunch line it is ridiculous. But I constantly go back to the original... because it's perfect. So sweet, such a great consistency: soft and chewy like a bag of fresh-baked cookies... only healthy instead of full of sugar and poison.”

- Vince G.

“This is the best healthy cereal I have ever tasted. Thanks to my daughter and son-in-law for sharing theirs! It has great flavor. TRY IT! You won't be sorry!”

- Cynthia W.

“Great products! My first order but there will be many more. Great food and nice to see them supporting a great cause.”

- Jason H.

“My order was shipped in a timely fashion. I was more than pleased with the product. My family is very active and we hike often so this is a great source of protein on the go. Plus you can't beat the taste!”

- Virginia

“I gottta say, this has got to be some of the best tasting jerky that i've had in a while and I continue to enjoy is delicious flavor. :)”

- Justin L.

“I'm a jerky expert, or at least I like to think so. Steve's Grass Fed Paleo beef jerky is THE best on the market. Fresh, tasty, a nice size portion. And to know its clean and not loaded with preservatives makes it taste that much better!”

- Jillian

“This is one of the best Kits I have ever eaten. I was a little skeptical on the moist consistency. Well, I love it! Amazing flavor in the jerky, and what was great is the fruit didn't taste like the jerky! Really awesome thing Steve's is doing with Steve's Club! Your making a true difference. Not just words but, backed up with actions that are tried and true! Thank you!”

- Rodney C.

“I've been deployed for 7 months so far and just got this sauce, and holy moly do I wish I had gotten it 7 months ago! It is just the most delicious, tomato-y, olive oil-y sauce I've ever had. It tastes fantastic on everything, and I literally put it on everything! This sauce has reminded me what good, fresh food tastes like again!”

- Pete S.

“The quality of this food is extraordinary. The buffalo chicken jerky and sticks are amazing. I had a ton of food allergies and was picky on top of it. so worth it. I will be ordering regularly. Thank you Steve now I can travel safely. Eating your jerky a few times a day so I do not starve and be able to feel safe and satisfied anywhere I am. Thank you so so much.”

- Jill B.

“Great company and great food, worth the price. ”

- Dominic S.

“Great products and an even greater cause! The Strongman PaleoKit is my 'go to' quick lunch on the go. Perfect for my recent 42 mile/4 day backpacking adventure along the lower Rogue River in Oregon. Quality product to keep me fueled. ”

- Gary H.

“This way an amazing product! My husband both enjoyed the different packs filled with great jerky and fruit! These are definitely great for those long hikes or post workout snacks! They are worth it! ”

- Laranda L.

“This jerky is delicious. I discovered Steve's PaleoGoods and all the awesome products in a search for a jerky that is soy free. Nasty stuff that soy! I couldn't be happier with this product and have since tried the grass-fed option as well and love it equally!”

- Charlie P.

“Hands down the most delicious beef jerky I've ever had.”

- Glen S.

“Every product I ordered showed up quickly. This was my first order from Steve's Paleo Goods and I was not disappointed. I did not receive a single item I did not like! The buffalo chicken snack sticks are my favorite so far and a great paleo snack! I'll certainly be ordering much more in the future. ”

- Steven E.

“I am so happy to have found STEVES PALEOGOODS. Finding quality, delicious, fairly priced protein products is something we value very much. Steve's will be a welcomed addition to our pantry! We have found other companies in the past, but over time; they began to cut corners. I had a question about the jerky I was ordering, and was pleasantly surprised when I spoke directly to Steve!! Because Steve himself is so hands on, and committed...it seems his product and customers will always benifit! :)”

- Lu

“What I like best about the PaleoSitx is that they're so easy to eat when I'm on the road or in my studio. No mess. No fuss. Just a moist and meaty snack, just like the name promises.”

- Paul S.

“I have never been a "jerky" person. That is until I tried some of Steve's awesome jerky. It is the best I have ever eaten. The flavor of the beef is awesome and there is not a ton of salt to deal with. Also it is very moist with just the right chewiness. I am hooked!”

- Kathleen D.

Love these Stixs...taste great, loaded with protein and 0 carbs! and they are even low in sodium I throw a few packs of these in my bag along with some dried fruits and nuts and im good to go. Great product and super fast shipping too."
- Dave H.

"Speedy delivery and delicious product. The buffalo chicken jerky & grass-fed beef jerky are my favorite grab n go post workout snacks. It's hard to find jerky made without sugar - thank you for keeping your product clean. Also, kudos on the great work you do with youth. I love your mission! Companies who give back always get my support. I'll be spreading the word about Steve's PaleoGoods."

"The combination of grass-fed beef and spinach is a blissful marriage that excites the tastebuds."
- Adam b.

"We love all of Steve's PaleoGoods! Paleo would be much more difficult without Steve's! Thanks for all you do!"


"This PaleoKrunch is so good, it's hard to believe it is good for you, and good at the same time for those it helps. It's a triple play. Toss it with blueberries or raspberries and Greek yogurt, and you have breakfast. I keep bags in my office, at home, and I take it when I travel."

"OMG!! These are sooooo good! Much better than the processed sticks that are full of chemicals! I have found heaven on earth! Thanks Steve!”

"Love the Cinnamon PaleoKrunch Cereal. I feel very self indulgent when eating it. Hard not to eat the whole bag in one time and it is healthy good food too! Really like Steve giving to his community too…"