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Pineapple Coconut Sharebar Pineapple Coconut ShareBar (Box of 12)

$25.95 ($2.16 per bar)

Paleo Granola - Handmade Goodness
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Paleo Hand-crafted Artisan Jerky

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“I just got my order in today, my first order that is. I am officially hooked!!!! This is the BEST jerky I've ever had. It blows those commercial brands out of the water. The texture is firm but you don't feel like you're eating shoe leather. The spices are amazing and the taste is phenomenal!!! I have celiac disease and carbohydrate deficiency so I was looking for a gluten free/sugar free jerky and, by God, I've found it!!!! Will be ordering a bunch more on payday. Thanks Steve!!!”

- Lyle A.

“I received my package from you guys at my work (chicken jerky, paleo kits, and paleo krunch), and I decided to try the chicken jerky first. I tasted it and instantly loved it, so being a nice co-worker I let all my other co-workers try some, and they love it too! One of my co-workers loves it so much, she asked for the website so she can order some for herself! Great stuff you guys got going on here, keep it up!”

- Christian A.

“Oh holy Moses... since going paleo almost a year ago, I missed the convenience of a quick breakfast where I could just dump some cereal into a bowl and go. No more... just pour almond or coconut milk over this, and you'll be in heaven!! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for providing such a great, clean, paleo-compliant breakfast or snack option that isn't just good for me, but tastes GREAT.”

- Lori C.

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