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Steve Liberati

As the head caveman for Steve’s PaleoGoods, Steve is always on the hunt for the healthiest way to eat, live, and give back to his community.
Never satisfied, Steve works tirelessly to find the best ingredients on Earth to fuel himself, his athletes and the entire paleo/primal and CrossFit community. He is the driving force behind every new product and the real life equivalent of the Swedish Chef!

His originalpassion is his labor-of-love non-profit, Steve’s Club, which offers fitness coaching, nutritional guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth. In fact, the first PaleoKit was made for the athletes of Steve’s Club, read more HERE.

Steve is a competitive CrossFitter who eats according to Paleo principles (although he makes exceptions for coffee ice cream!) and takes great pride and joy in running Steve's Original, Steve's Club Camden, and CrossFit Tribe. More than anything, he loves chasing his son Dominic and daughter Gianna around the backyard.

Steve's favorite PaleoGoods are the Coconut PaleoKit and Grass-Fed Paleo Stix, and he never misses a bowl of PaleoKrunch (with coconut milk) to keep him charging along.

Lee Knight

Lee is our strategic planner and “sergeant” of operations - always looking for ways to improve Steve's PaleoGoods, she keeps things running smoothly while juggling new projects and making sure everyone is on-task (and happy, of course!).

She’s an MIT graduate, with a strong background in management consulting and strategic planning, and is the first to roll up her sleeves to get something done. Lee started this journey in 2010, to help grow the business and start Steve’s Club National Program, and has been a driving force behind the growth of Steve’s PaleoGoods and Steve’s Club National Program.

When she's not at her computer (which would be rare), she's in the kitchen eating sardines, trying to convince someone else to eat sardines, or working out. She’s a strict paleo eater, coach at CF Tribe, competitive CrossFitter, oly-lifter, former rugby star and gymnast.

Lee's favorite Steve's PaleoGoods are Berky and the Tropical PaleoKrunch Bars.

Kristen Liberati

Kristen is our human resources and accounting guru and helps keep our ship sailing smoothly, all while providing the office with a cool, calm and collected attitude when things get a little crazy.

When she's not busy helping keep things going behind the scenes at Steve's PaleoGoods HQ, Kristen is running the Liberati household as the Head Cavewoman along side of our leader and Head Caveman, Steve. She loves running around with their three (seriously adorable) kids, Dominic, Gianna and Leo, spending lots of time during the summer down in Ocean City and listening to all of Steve's crazy new ideas.

Her favorite PaleoGoods are our Dried Strawberries and Honey PaleoStix.

Jaime Cahalan

Jaime is our Retail Strategist and is responsible for bringing all of your favorite PaleoGoods to brick and mortar stores nationwide. She comes from a sales and marketing background in the Natural & Organic products industry. Bringing healthy, packaged snacks that are easy and accessible is her passion. We often find Jaime dreaming up different and exciting ways to bring PaleoGoodness to more and more retail locations.

When not spreading the PaleoLove, Jaime enjoys spending her time with her crazy toddler and getting sweaty in the hot yoga room. Her favorite PaleoGoods are our Dried Strawberries and Dark Chocolate Espresso PaleoKrunch Bar.

Erin Kelly

Erin works on all things E-Commerce at Steve's PaleoGoods. One fall day in 2008, Steve coached her through her first CrossFit workout of 150 wall balls. Even though her legs were uncontrollably shaking post-workout, Erin vowed never to enter a globo-gym again. And she didn't.

After nearly two decades in corporate communications roles at brand giants including Campbell's Soup Company and United Way, Erin opened her own affiliate, CrossFit 1Force, in New Jersey. The 1Forcers can't get enough of Steve's PaleoGoods! Erin feels that she can better serve the customers at Steve's PaleoGoods because of her affiliate ownership experience.

Erin has FOUR kids, three little boy beasts and one competitive gymnast girl. These littles are often seen at her box, cheering members through WODs and swiping PaleoGoods off the shelves. The latest addition to the line-up, Cruz (aka Baby 1Force), will be one to watch on the Games leaderboard in 2031!

Kelly McErlean

kelly Kelly barbell

Kelly is the person who keeps Operations here at PaleoGoods HQ running smooth as silk. She is consistently excellent in operating at a fast pace, and also provides the grounded perspective for the team (which is especially useful on Fridays when Steve’s PaleoGoods HQ gets a little loopy).

She is a true paleo convert, after realizing that it was Celiac’s that made her tummy so unhappy. Her favorite PaleoGoods are Dried Gooseberries.

Kelly was a competitive swimmer, played ruby, and has been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years.

Drew Kenney

Drew, our Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep, brings over ten years experiences in sales and marketing to our team. His primary role is being responsible for managing, servicing and growing the more than forty Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic stores. He is also responsible for increasing market share in the Independent and COOP locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Drew has taught a weekly leadership "success class" for the Steve's Club Camden athletes, primarily focusing on public speaking skills.

He resides in South Jersey with his wife, daughter and two dogs; all of which help him maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. His favorite PaleoGoods is our Apple Pie PaleoKrunch.

Niki Nark

Niki manages the packaging team at Steve’s PaleoGoods and is one of the fastest packagers east of the Mississippi (well, definitely in Pennsauken, NJ). With her fun-loving positive attitude, she keeps everything running smoothly and has been a driving force behind the success of the team.

Niki is incredibly responsible, despite her unique method of organization style is on bright colored post-its, she gets things DONE! She makes sure that customers get the right products and keeps our UPS and USPS guys more than busy!

Niki is also our resident expert at spray painting, arts and crafts, making the office look purdy, and puts together every single gift basket that we send out.

She started CrossFit once she began working for Steve’s PaleoGoods and loves her 6am class (and is proud to say she can already deadlift 215#!!).

Jackson Brady

Jackson is a key member of our Operations Team and has been with Steve's PaleoGoods since 2013. He helps to keep our warehouse in working order and manages our quality control process.

Currently residing in Philadelphia, Jackson hails from South Jersey where he wrestled at Camden Catholic High School as team captain and won two team state championships, three district championships, a regional championship and placed fifth in the state of New Jersey.

Jackson loves to cook, read cookbooks, do yoga and is an avid CrossFitter. "My first CrossFit workout was a Cindy after my first day of working at Steve's PaleoGoods and I was wearing jeans. I've been hooked ever since!"

He follows a strict Paleo diet and is a huge fan of our Apple PaleoKits and Maple Mustard PaleoChef.

Joe Mendarte

Joe is a key member of the packaging team at Steve's PaleoGoods, and is always ready to give a helping hand to whoever needs it. He and his brother Karim had been doing CrossFit by themselves at home in Camden, and when they came to the Beat the Streets fundraiser in 2012 they knew they had found their second family.

Joe loves throwing down at local CrossFit competitions and can be found practicing his olympic lifts after he's done packaging orders each day. He recently became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and truly enjoys coaching Steve's Club Camden classes; Joe says, "I love helping and teaching the SC Camden athletes learn every movement correctly and safely. I emphasize that hard work and dedication pays off, not only in the gym but in life as well." He is a great asset to Steve's Club and to the Steve's PaleoGoods team - reliable, diligent, and ready to do whatever is needed.

His favorite PaleoGoods are the Apple PaleoKit, Apple Pie PaleoKrunch and Dried Strawberries.

Karim Mendarte

Before Karim came on board as part of the Steve's PaleoGoods packaging team, he was a proud member of Steve's Club Camden. Through a Scholarship at Steve's Club, he recently passed his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer test/course and is now helping to coach classes with Steve's Club Camden.

Coaching is one of his passions and his enthusiasm for giving back to Steve's Club and his community can be seen when he works with the kids each week. Karim likes learning new skills in the gym and at work, and is always ready to take on new challenges with a positive attitude and a big smile. 

He loves to make people laugh, and keeps the entire packaging team on their toes and having fun. Whether he's coaching or packaging orders, he puts extra care into everything he does. Like many of customers, Karim can't wait until our PaleoKrunch Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar is back in season!

Michelle Shaw

Michelle has been part of our hard-work packaging team since 2013. She works hard to make are that your order gets out the door and on its way to you quick! She's always willing to lend a helping hand and always has a contagious smile on her face.

Michelle has been living the Paleo lifestyle for over six months now and has seen great results, "I have never felt so much better about myself, my whole lifestyle has changed." For her, Paleo has truly been a lifestyle change, not a diet.

In Michelle's free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks outside and relaxing on the beach.
She also loves playing with her son, Mason and her 6 month old bull dog Ace.

Michelle's favorite PaleoGoods are Dried Strawberries, Mangos, Apple PaleoKit and Maple Mustard PaleoChef.