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Affiliate/ Wholesale Pricing

We offer various levels of wholesale pricing to CrossFit Affilates and other resellers (must be a business). To receive our wholesale pricing list please send us an email at wholesalepricing@stevesoriginal.com

Bulk Pricing

We do not offer any secondary or bulk discounts on our products, for several reasons. First, our labor and ingredients costs are very high due to the nature of our products; and second, 15% of all proceeds go to help fund Steve's Club National Program. This leaves little room for further discounts - but please be assured that we have priced our products fairly and competitively for their category and high quality.

Military Discounts

We'd like to thank all of our men and women in the United States armed forces by offering them a 10% discount on all orders. In order to obtain the military discount, you must be able to prove active military status. (Unfortunately, some folks do falsely claim to be military, so it’s important that we verify your status - we don’t take kindly to those who would impersonate our true heroes!) Proving your active military status is easy: simply e-mail us from your military email address. Once your military status is verified we will send you the coupon code. Email us at military@stevespaleogoods.com. Please note: the military discount is only extended to active members of the United States military and does not include veterans or servicemen from other countries. All discount codes must be entered at the time of purchase in order to receive the discount. Discount codes may NOT be applied after a purchase is completed.