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I just got my order of Just Jerky and PaleoKits...will you marry me? They are awesome! I'm actually military deployed to Afghanistan and our chow hall here isn't the best. As a crossfitter having a delicious and healthy snack after a workout is priceless. Thank you all for such a great product! -- Dan

Thank you so much for your note and the quick response. I LOVE the steves original, and am looking forward to my coconut paleokit packs!!!! -- Jamie

"Just ordered a 2 month supply of the large grassfed kits ...paleo kits for life!" -- Joseph

"Great replacement to the standard MRE. Ate these and Original PaleoKits during a five day training evolution and it did the trick. Kept me running on all cylinders. Love it!" -- Ishmael

"I am new to Paleo, and I LOVE PaleoKrunch ! I may be able to actually stick with this now because I found something so yummy!" -- Stacey

Raving Fans

"I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that my wife and I really enjoyed our first 5-pack order of the paleokits, and we will be making paleokits a staple in our household. We love what Steve's Club is all about, and we are glad to contribute to your cause. Keep up the good work!" -- Chris and Megan

"I got my missing paleo stix plus a few more. You didn't have to but I greatly appreciate it. It says a lot about a company who goes above and beyond to make a customer happy. I heart Steve's Original and will happily continue to support." -- Jess

"Hey guys it's Jason Khalipa. I absolutely LOVE the new Pumpkin PaleoKrunch bar. Great work!!! "-- Jason Khalipa, Winner of the 2009 CrossFit Games

"Just received my order!! 25pk of Coconut and 2 Steve's Club Sampler Packs...and the PaleoKrunch bars are amazing!!!! I was skeptical about a "Bar" or "snack" that was Paleo and full of flavor...These blew me away! Can't wait to try the Krunch Cereal...Will be re-ordering for sure!!!!!" -- Derek

"I just received (and promptly consumed) my first PaleoKrunch. Not what I was expecting - it was much better. Thx Steve!" - - Jordan

Good morning! My first order from Steve’s Paleo Goods arrived yesterday and I tried my first taste this morning. I had a bowl of original PaleoKrunch cereal with almond milk and a drizzle of raw honey. I microwaved it for a bit since I’m in New England and it is pretty chilly in the mornings. I am in LOVE! I expected the granola to be “okay,” but can’t believe how absolutely delicious it is. I had tried to follow the Paleo lifestyle in the past, but became bored with it and had some difficulty finding quick foods to eat while on the go. I really did feel better when eating Paleo, so I decided to really make a commitment to it this year. I’m glad I decided to try some Steve’s products – they will help to ensure I don’t become bored and will have healthy options for times when my schedule is jam-packed. I will definitely be a repeat customer!” -- Sue B.

"LOVE the Original Kits for my Long On Air shifts or Plane rides!" -- DJ Johnny D

"I appreciate you shipping my order so quickly, but I don't appreciate how ridiculously tasty and addictive these Paleokits are. -- Willie

Just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure meeting you amigo. After using Paleo Kits for some time and then email conversing...it was great to put a real face to the name! Plus it was a fantastic weekend as well! Stay strong brother and keep making a difference!" -- Rick

"I am new to Paleo, and I LOVE Paleo crunch ! I may be able to actually stick with this now because I found something so yummy."-- Stacey

"We had a CFK Cert this weekend and PaleoKits came in handy for lunch :)"-- Mikki

"A millon thanks!" -- Cheryl

"Our athletes LOVE PaleoKits. We have almost sold them out already. Those strawberries are like little chuncks of heaven, can you get another 1 or 2 in each pack? You are doing amazing things, and we want to support your efforts." -- Ben B. Owner of CrossFit New England

"Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks! I ordered my first PaleoKit the other day because I am going to be teaching for long hours over the middle summer semester. I was very concerned with what I could use to maintain my nutrition and Paleo eating. I think that the PaleoKits are going to be perfect in a jam! Thanks so much." -- Steven

"Your PaleoKits have assisted with my goals while deployed! Thanks!" -- CJ

"I'm LOVING the PaleoKrunch... So Yummy!!!!! My son who is very picky even likes it.... Yum!!" -- Kaycee

"I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that my wife and I really enjoyed our first 5-pack order of the PaleoKit's, and we will be making PaleoKit's a staple in our household. We love what Steve's Club is all about, and we are glad to contribute to your cause. Keep up the good work!" -- Chris and Megan

"That Krunch bar was tasty. Me want more! How about 20 more. Haha Please let me know. Thanks." -- Steve

"Love it! Just received my order of paleo kits with your sample inside. Very good. Shared it with my husband as an afternoon snack. Two votes YES!" -- Beth

"You know we love your product and the vision behind Steve's Club. We love to help get PaleoKits into the hands of more CrossFitters. They really are the best!!" -- Laurie

"Received some PaleoKrunch bars. Double thumbs up!! Thanks!" -- Jerry

"I ate super clean all weekend using your Paleo kits and today I crushed my workout partner by several minutes in a 12 minute wod. Coincidence? Not sure...but I'm going to run with it. Besides...I love the kits.”-- Rob Orlando

"I wanted to take the oppurtunity to praise your customer service. You always ship fast and respond promptly. Your product is amazing, and I love that it goes to a good cause. Keep up the great work." -- Anthony

"After a lifetime of sports, and five years of crossfit, your large paleokits are the only pre-workout meal I have come across that provide a consistent and noticeable advantage. I eat one three hours before working out, and always enter the gym energized, and usually leave with new personal records. Thanks a bunch." --Sean

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I love your kits….I placed a large order awhile ago and I’m starting to run low now. I’m a flight medic in the Air Force and will be flying missions taking care of our wounded warriors. Thus your kits are perfect for me to throw in one of my bags while I’m on mission because the eating schedule is so chaotic. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything it is you are doing to support us!!!" -- Kevin

<"Just wanted to comment on how great these Paleo Kits are for an on the go quick meal. Even after a couple days I am seeing the benefit in being able to throw one down the hatch on my trek back from a workout. Great job!" -- Yosh

"Just wanted to say thanks for the care package you guys recently sent to us in AFG. We have all benefited from having the PaleoKits with us. This was my first exposure to your product and just wanted to say that it was spot on for us. Again, we sincerely appreciate your product and your patriotic support to our endeavors on this end." -- Mike

"Thank you so much for the additional kits. They are a hit here at our company! Can't tell you how many folks I have directed to your site to buy more!" -- Stephanie

"Steve and Paleokits crew, I just wanted to tell you that your grub is kickass!!! I work for the government and go on trips pretty frequently and when I know it will be hard to eat well I take about a weeks worth of these bad boys and I cant even complain. The quality is awesome, taste is freaking great and the peace of mind that I am eating good quality fuel for my body is priceless. Thanks, keep at it, and get ready for more orders to come."-- Nick

"I must say that your kits a truly a life saver. I work in law enforcement and it's really hard sometimes to prepare a good meal or snack. With these kits I can literally stick them in my cooler and grab and go whenever I need a paleo authorized snack. Keep up the great work!" -- Pon

"Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to all you guys/gals do at steves club! I'm a firefighter and i always have a kit tucked in my boots while at work. I sometimes get stuck without eating a meal and your kit alows me to keep good food choice along with me while on the job." -- Chuck

"It was an honest review, they are very good; convenient as well. I did forget to mention the great cause you support, and I apologize for that. I have no problem at all throwing my support behind products, services and entities that I believe in." -- Keith N.

"Thank you, your product is very tasty and hopefully it will get me through my tour in Iraq, the food here is terrible and unhealthy." -- Jerry

"Your paleokits are amazing!" -- Randy

"My wife and I have been eating your stuff for a couple of months now. Being stationed in Germany it is hard to find good fats Paleo snacks....we can't wait to order more. Thanks!" -- Drake

"Hi, I just received my Paleokits this week and they are GREAT!" -- Stefanie

"Good morning! Just wanted to say that the PaleoKits are awesome!" -- Major G

"I got the package of PaleoKits, I love those things!! They are perfectly portioned and so convenient! Not to mention DELICIOUS!!" -- Rich Froning, 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games Winner

"Have been doing CrossFit since March and learning many things, including the Paleo diet. Tried your Paleo Krunch and the grass-fed jerky PaleoKits. Both are great!!!" -- Rebecca

"Your products are absolutely awesome! I received them as a gift from some fellow crossfitters before returning to college for my fall semester and they were the perfect meal replacement and snack. The Steve's Club Sampler Pack is on my radar for an order soon! Love your stuff, thanks for sharing it with the paleo world!”

"So I went to the Himalayas this summer and met a guy named Casey who brought about 20 of the Paleokits with him. I just wanted to tell you that those sweet packets of heaven saved us when we were craving cow meat. Basically I wanted to let you know how great these are and I'm about to order 25 myself." -- Houman

"Just sending a note that I love your grass fed PaleoKit and the Krunch bar. Will be ordering more in the coming days!" -- Jason

"Let me start by saying I don't usually give feedback, but I was so impressed by your products I felt I had to. I ordered the Steve's Club Sampler Pack to get a taste of everything. I'm very impressed!!! The PaleoKrunch is outstanding ane the grassfed paleo kits give me a great tasting healthy option. Not only do you offer a great product, its also for a great cause which impresses me the most. Keep up the great work! I will be back for more!" -- Chris

"This is definitely worth the money! It didn't cost a lot and it didn't feel like a "charity case." It was truly a fair price for a great product. I just hope you have adequate fulfillment to handle the crushing volume of demand coming your way. Thanks for an excellent turn-around; things really went smoothly and efficiently for the end-user." -- Jason

"Just got my Paleostix in the mail. Wow! Yum! Perfect product, please don't stop making! Perfect paleo food, zone block proportion, no chemicals and nitrates and crap, low fat, portable, no refridge! I trust the product is as advertised on the label as well because I am a Crossfitter. I know any product advocated by the Crossfit community is true, real, healthy, and made with integrity. And wow, do they taste good. Great product, kudos!" -- Kate

"Just wanted to say thank you, order received and it's all great! Can't believe the difference on the paleostix verses one you would buy off the shelf in a store. No greasy mouth coating! Having to restrain myself from eating all the paleocrunch in one sitting. I also think it's wonderful what you guys try to do in the community. Wish you had been around when I was a kid." -- Tina

"I just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you on the awesomeness of your snacks. My boyfriend Joe purchases these all the time, and you have been really helpful as they get stolen from his front step a lot :(. I have a gluten allergy and can never find good gluten free granola and jerky until now! I absolutely love the taste, and it never makes me sick! My boyfriend and I are constantly hiking, skiing, running, etc. and these are the perfect snacks for both our paleo, and gluten free lifestyle. I was reading your website today and really touched by your work with inner city kids. We will certainly be longtime customers of yours! Thanks again!" -- Beth

"Just wanted to shoot you guys a quick note. My girlfriend ordered me some of your kits, jerky and grainless granola for my birthday and it was one of the best presents I ever received. I just ordered more to help me get through the Paleo Challenge I am participating in at Crossift Morristown during the month of April. Keep up the good work!" -- Mark

"I just received my first Steve's Club Sampler. I had to pry the PaleoKrunch out of my own hands, it was SO delicious! Everything I've tried so far has been top notch, and I wanted you to know I appreciate your products!" -- Emily

"Tried the Sampler and I was amazed with every single product in there. Kudos to you and your team for putting such a fantastic tasting and healthy food together and doing so in a socially beneficial way. I am putting in a huge (for one person) order right now and couldn't be happier; you have fully earned my patronage!" -- Ed

"I ordered the PaleoStix, PaleoKit, and PaleoKrunch products lately and loved them! The PaleoKrunch cereal was gone so fast, thanks to my non-paleo boyfriend who emptied it out. Thanks for making a grain-free cereal that is perfect for backpacking." -- Jen

"I just got my first paleo sample kit today and all I can say is YUM! I am so pleased with how everything tastes. I will buy as long as you sell!! Million thanks for the delicious experience :) Oh yeah, thanks for the fast shipping as well!"-- Stacey

"I have to say, hands down, the PaleoStix are the best! When I was an ill-advised child, I would eat Slim Jim's as a snack (disgusting, right?!). Obviously since then, I've grown up and learned how to treat my body well and put good fuel in it.... Never to purchase or digest a slimy slim-jim again. When I bit into my first Paleo Stick, I almost yelped in excitement over how delicious it tasted - and how it reminded me of a Slim Jim, only not disgusting and without tons of crazy strange ingredients!!!!!! I am thrilled - these are so delicious! Thank you, thank you!" -- Lauren

"Hi there! I just thought I'd drop a note saying what a spectacular thing you're all doing by making go-foods easier for us paleo and primal-types to access! It is surprising how difficult it is to find real food, so I'm glad you're making that a little bit easier." -- Shaleah

"Just got our second box of paleo treats—first time ordering PaleoKrunch. You should re-name it Paleo Krack—I’m already addicted. I ate so much, I can’t eat dinner. Thank you!" -- Sandra

"Good grief -- placed my order YESTERDAY and got it TODAY! You guys rock! This is the first time I've tried your stuff and so far I've chowed my way through the grainless granola bar (and if I'd had more than one I probably would've eaten them ALL -- supper yummy) and part of a bag of Just Jerky. I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love." -- Signa

"Just got back in town to my order of Paleo Krunch and it is awesome. Added some almond milk and I swear I had to stop myself from eating my entire order. Will definitely have to reorder soon because this batch will not last long." -- DeAndre

"I just wanted to write and say thanks for the amazingly quick shipping but also a big thanks for the Under Armour shirt. I can't wait to break it in with a good CrossFit workout here in Iraq! I'll also be excited to try the new Paleo MRE. One will be going in my "go bag" as an operational meal for when I'm not able to grab hot chow from a chow hall facility. Keep up the great work and thanks again from a guy on the ground!" -- Tyler

"Just got my first order from you, grassfed paleo kits. thanks for a great product, super fast shipping and a free shirt to boot!! you guys rock, keep up the great work!!" -- Mike

"I just wanted to send a note to say how much I love your products. I am currently deployed to Iraq, obviously we have some challenges when trying to live a paleo lifestyle. The PaleoKits and PaleoKrunch bars help fill in the gaps when its difficult to find something even remotely healthy to eat. So, thanks again." -- Jason

"Just wanted to say kudos on the PaleoKit and PaleoKrunch! Love both! Had read about your kit’s on the internet and through crossfitters and finally got to taste the tasy treats this past weekend at the central east regional competition!!! SO good and I know about 30 other people that would agree and that’s just the people I know. YUM! Thanks for your awesome creations and for working towards bettering kids!!! You sound like a great guy! Keep up the tasty good work!" -- Meghan

"I just wanted to let know that I love your Paleokits! After they were recommended by my trainers. I started using them during our work out challenges and I must say they were much tastier and more full filling than any protein shake I've ever tried. The extra protein in the paleo kits not only helped curb my appetite but helped give me the fuel I needed during training which lead to some much needed weight loss." -- Nicole

"Holy crap!!! Steve, these things are great. Your recipes are getting dialed in tight. I have had the grass fed paleo kit and the coconut. I can't believe how much I love the coconut. I've given away two of the kits so far hoping others will want to order some. My wife and kids munched on the Paleo Krunch. Great options instead of the gluten bombs from Cheerios or other crap. I'll be ordering more soon." -- Steve

"Just wanted to send you a little note. Just got my most recent order of Paleo Krunch cereal and bars (and dried blueberries), and let me just say, wow, it is freaking amazing. I was kind of apprehensive at the look of it (again), because it seemed mostly like seeds, and I'm not really a fan of coconut either, but it is so good. I had the cereal this morning with coconut milk, and was surprised to find that the measly looking 1.5oz serving was actually quite filling (lasted about 2.5 hours, which is perfect for me). I had one of the bars, and while it looks similar, and has the same content, the shape/packaging is really nice and handy. Again, it was amazing as well. Thanks again for another great product!" -- Jason

"Just wanted to send out a thank you your way -- i CRAVE my coconut paleo kits like no one's business! They're a lifesaver for nights like last night when i didn't have the time or motivation to plan out today's lunch. paired with some hard boiled eggs and homemade kale chips, i'm seriously enjoying my lunch! i know i wont be falling asleep at my desk like my coworkers after their pizza and sodas. not only do you guys have great products, but you do great things with your time and energy! so thanks!" -- Samantha

"From what I can tell you have cornered the market with a high quality, good tasting product that is healthy and follows a very basic concept in nutrition. I would also like to take the opportunity to applaud your efforts and accomplishments with the non-profit organization. It's good to see CrossFit being applied to help kids in need. Thank you very much." -- Rob

"I just wanted to say how much I really enjoy your products. I love the PaleoKrunch bars and also the grass fed kits. I just placed another order to stock up for the fall! Thanks so much for making a great product and in giving back to the community. -- Matt

Your Beef Jerky, Coconut, and Strawberries is simple to die for. I'm in love!" -- Jules

"Just a quick note of thanks. My older daughter Marissa is Type 1 diabetic so finding snacks that don't send her blood glucose levels wild is an ongoing journey. Well she loves your paleo krunch bars and paleo kits and they are very blood sugar friendly! Thanks a bunch!" -- David

"I give you guys about 50% credit for my 45lb weight loss. Your products made it so easy for me to stick to my paleo eating when I began that journey. I spend my day in my car- sales person and its the perfect thing to stick in my car for lunch/ snacks during the day. Thanks y'all!" -- Margaret

"Ode to a paleokit: PaleoKit, how I love thee. Though you're a little nuts and a little berry. You may jerky around my affections for you. But you're natural and healthy, and fun for me to chew." -- Rachel

"I ordered a PaleoKit the other day and just wanted to say Thank you. Not only did I get it the next day (Great service) but I think I'm in love. You have just become my new go to Paleo snack provider! I actually use them as meal replacements at work." -- Sharon

"Best snacks for the traveling Paleo eater." -- Henry

"Awesome company, awesome food." -- Colin

"So yummy. So convenient. I haven't found a better Paleo-friendly jerky anywhere. PaleoKrunch gave new life to my breakfasts!" -- Stephanie

"Great for healthy eating on the go! You can get these at Snap kitchen or online--YUM!" -- Katy

"OMG!! I received my order of Paleo Krunch bars last week and they are almost gone! My husband and I just love them - must order more today!!! I had weight loss surgery seven years ago and finding healthy snacks has been a tremendous struggle. Not anymore! You guys ROCK!" -- Nilene and Norm

"PaleoKrunch cereal = crack for healthy paleo people. almost couldnt put it down. thanks for making great snacks." -- Brook

"I just finished my first box of your great snacks. I tried a lot of different things and they were all great. The "non granola" granola bars taste awesome. The PaleoStix and PaleoKits are not only great tasting but quite filling as well. Thank you and I plan on ordering more soon!" -- James

"These guys are awesome. The food they make is top notch and it all goes to an amazing cause! Paleo Krunch is the bomb!" -- Ben

"PaleoStix and PaleoKrunch are REALLY yummy!!!!" -- Lauren

"Great stuff and a great cause!" -- Elizabeth

"Just wanted to drop you a line, I love your paleokits!! The benefit they provide me as a crossfitter, and a police officer with a hectic schedule between training, work and family, is unmatched for keeping up with nutrition." -- Matt

"Thanks for the quick shipment. At my door in less than 24hrs after I ordered. You all will be a big help in getting my family on the Paleo plan." -- Todd

"Dude I can't tell you how your food saved my ass from dying from gluten poisoning in afghan. Thank you!!" -- George

"PaleoKits are awesome. They are a tasty and healthy way to get the energy and nutrients you need during the day. They have helped satisfy my need to find something snack on. See ya later potato chips!" -- Courtney

"I just wanted to drop a quick note of how great the PaleoKits are I first got a taste of them at a local crossfit box and its been love ever since. I am a immigration agent and get stuck on surveillance from time to time and occasionally get sent to foreign countries escorting criminal aliens. These kits have been a life saver, if you have traveled internationally you know how the airline food can be, not to mention some of the foreign countries local food".

"Thank you very much for you're reply, great products, and your philanthropy. I plan to be a customer for a long time and will continue to recommend your products." -- Jason

"These kits are so awesome, I have to watch that I don't eat too many too quickly. Great to have in the car for when you're on the run and just can't get a decent meal. Perfect for snacks, very filling! Love them!" -- Beth

We ordered some Berky for our son (and some grass-fed beef jerky for us) for Halloween. He's 3 and *loves* it! Thank you so much for putting that together. Perfect treat for a Paleo kiddo. :)" -- Amanda

"I just received my Apple Pie Paleo kits, and let me tell you that THEY ARE UNREAL!!!!!!!!! I have been crossfitting for over a year now and am constantly needing food through the day and these are PERFECT. The taste is like heaven! I AM OBSESSED! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! -- Matt

I just tasted the Paleo Krunch today for the first time... OMG... it's AMAZING!!" -- Kristin

"Got my order today - Pumpkin Kruch = awesome. Pumpkin Krunch + Coconut butter = out of this WORLD! Thank you so much for awesome Paleo treats :)" -- Melissa

"Paleo kits are like First Aid kits for nutritional optimization." -- Glen

"Yup, I'm in love too. Thank you for my first order. Yum-mee! I really love what you're about. My 12 year old son Sam who hates sports has been Crossfitting for 3 months now and calls it epic...so this is an AMAZING cause and is LIFE CHANGING for kids who really need it. Will be shopping again soon!" -- Athena

"I am a college student that has started CrossFitting and trying to go Paleo recently. With a weekend backpacking trip coming up, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try PaleoKits. I got a sampler pack today. I couldn't resist. I'm glad I didn't. Wow! I don't think I will ever buy jerky elsewhere again. Incredible flavor, product, and mission. I'll definitely be back for more!" -- Stephmo

"We just got our first paleo kit! It was a huge hit, especially with my 7-year-old. If I would have let him eat all of the grass-fed paleostix, he would have devoured them in one sitting. I'm desperate for more! I feel really good about feeding myself and my son something that is so wholesome. What an amazing cause too! Keep up the awesome work!" -- Amanda

"Ordered from you guys yesterday and it arrived today(Just Jerky and Paleo MRE)! Nice. I bought it for a trip I am taking in a couple of weeks (airplane food and my stretch between meals) and my little ones have already tore into and devoured one bag of he jerky. Thanks! It's delicious." -- Lauren

"The Berky is amazing!!! I ate one for a morning snack at work and it was perfect. -- Anthony

Just wanted to drop you a note and say that I love your paleokits! I am ordering some more for myself and also for my sister's husband who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Also, it's even tastier knowing that the profits support a fantastic cause. Keep rockin'!" -- Noah

"I want to thank you for your deeeelicious Paleo Krunch Pumpkin Bars. After "going Paleo" at age 72, my pre diabetic blood glucose levels dropped into the perfect range to my delight and relief. My appetite diminished as well, which sometimes causes my glucose to drop a little too low. I've found that taking 5 minutes or so to eat a Pumpkin Krunch Bar slowly--one can't wolf these down, you've given us something we can really chew--my blood glucose levels out beautifully and I am full and satisfied. I carry one with me when I'm out and about, and enjoy one at home when I'm not hungry enough to eat a meal. Happily stocking up so I don't run out." -- Kyp

"I am looking forward to the arrival of this package as my son who is in the Navy is coming home for Christmas. He was diagnosed with Celiac's disease last spring and has been a faithful Paleo life-style guy ever since. Having healthy and incredibly tasty foods available for him is my goal. He just received the sampler I ordered for him and "grubbed" on the Krunch Bar and coconut snack package. You have a great product for an amazing food plan. Thank you again." -- Jody McDonough, the Proud Mom of a United States Sailor.

"Steve's Club is an awesome program, and I'm glad I'm able to eat healthy meals and help kids at the same time!-- Bao

Just a quick note to say that I love your paleo kits. I ordered them from the Rogue Fitness Canada site and am super happy with them; delicious, nutritious, and easy to grab for a lunch on the go. Keep up the great work!"-- David

"I just had my first Berky. SO GOOD! When I finished I turned it over to look at the nutrition contents (obviously protein first). I had to kind of laugh when I got to '108 calories.' Just thinking of my 100 calorie pack days. Seriously the best 108 calories you can find!" -- Lindsay

"I use your product regularly after my Crossfit workouts and after my on the job workouts. As an Ocean Rescue lifeguard nothing gets me through that mid-day low better. It also gives me all the right ingredients for enough energy to help me save lives." -- Johnathan

"I used your jerky and nuts mix on a rough terrain trail run 50k two weeks ago...Saved my life at mile 28!-- Bryant

I am a busy homeschool mom of 5 kids and I so needed something quick and portable to eat. Everything I bought in my paleo kit was awesome. Now I am off to buy more!!!" -- Tiffany

"Just wanted to write you a short note. Upon tearing into the Steve's Original Paleokit that Alex had included, I was struck by the intense flavor and freshness of the product, as well as the awesome combination of berries and nuts. Really unique. And then, to log on to the website and read about Steve's Club and the work being done there. Awesome!" -- Jeron

"Thank you for your efforts and a great product. I am trying to share it with my fellow agents to encourage healthier habits and contribute to a good cause." -- Manuel

"I received my order and the beef jerky is awesome! Thanks for producing a wonderful product." -- Dave

"I just want to say thanks for a great product and expeditious shipping. The military is very demanding and the Paleokits offer a great way to eat a healthy snack without all the weight/space deficiency of conventional MRE’s. Thanks again, and I look forward to future purchases." -- Christopher

"Just got the chicken wings jerky and the crack!!! OMG!!! both of these are outstanding!!!" -- Coach Mike Burgener

"My name is Seth and I am a Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps. I got some of your PaleoKits in a care package a while back and, I must say they are amazing. The sticks are awesome but the berry, nuts and jerky are my favorite snacks. Please keep up the good works and please pass along my thanks to all the staff out there." -- Seth

"Just received my order of your Cinnamon Krunch and it is to die for!! Thank you for making my dream of enjoying a big bowl of cereal again come true!!!! I will definitely be ordering this stuff in bulk next time." -- Julie

"Thank you for making quality, healthy products that are delicious! Also love the fact that by buying your products my family is supporting Steve's Club!" -- Kristin

"I have received my order of Steve’s Original and have fallen in love with everything! I am in the military and onboard the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). With wanting to eat healthy while underway, it is very hard. Since I have gotten my package, I think I have eaten ship’s food twice. The Cereal is by far my favorite. I added some of the dried blueberries to it and it was even better. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR MAKING GREAT SNACKS FOR HEALTHY EATING AND CFers." -- George

"I work as a flight medic here and am often on the aircraft for long periods of time without getting a real meal. Your products are stellar in that I can just throw some in one of my packs and just go, then eat as I can between missions/patients. Thanks for all your hardwork and support of the guys & girls serving and your awesome support of kids at risk. Good causes all around!" -- Kevin

"Just had to say how much i love the strawberries stashed away in the "standard" paleo kit package... little nuggets of pure awesomeness nestled in with the nuts and beef... amazing stuff!-- Christopher

Just tried your chicken buffalo wing jerky, AWESOME! We also purchased your sampler and have enjoyed everyone so far...we are gearing up for our next order, you guys rock!" -- Coleen

"HUGE thanks for putting these kits together!! I'm out here at FOB Masum Ghar in Afghanistan and eating healthy is nothing short of impossible out here. The strawberry Paleo kits have been one of the few items I consume on a daily basis that I feel great about putting into my body. NOBODY makes a healthier, tastier, or more deployable product!!! Huge thanks!!!" -- Beau

"Are you kidding me with that Krunch cereal? That us WAY too good! I could eat the entire bowl and I'm not even hungry! -- Lisa

Just wanted to show a little Love your way. Got my first shipment of sample packs, and LOVE it! My wife is ecstatic over finding a cereal replacement, and I am enjoying the grab and go convenience of your jerky/fruit blends. Keep up the good work." -- Zak

"I just wanted to tell you that I received my order of the grassfed paleo stix and the cinnamon cereal and I tried them both out last night. They are absolutely delicious and so fresh! I'm very pleased and I plan on ordering from you continuously - in fact, I just placed another order for more stix and the regular cereal to try it out. Keep up the good work!" -- Alyssa

"Just wanted to say thank you guys so much for providing products like these. I'm currently forward deployed on a carrier in japan, and when out to sea your products are the only things that make it possible to maintain a paleo lifestyle ( cause the food on the ship sure ain't paleo). love the products, thanks again." -- Jon

"I want to say thank you for my order. The cereal is amazing it was so nice to have cereal again in the morning. I also love the buffalo chicken jerky it is some of the best jerky I have ever had. The beef jerk and the paleo kits r also great. Again thank you. I am Hooked!" -- Chris

"The Paleo goods I get from you guys are amazing. I can not thank you enough for putting in all the time, and effort into making these amazing healthy snacks. I use them on missions and whenever I need a quick fix! They keep me ready for anything and everything out here in Afghanistan! Thank you for everything!" -- Mary

"I love what Steve's does! Helps simplify my life and enrich the lives of so many others!!" -- Mike

"I purchased some paleokits, chicken jerky and cinnamon paleo krunch to supplement my paleo diet. I had a hard time finding tasty and easy breakfast foods until cinnamon paleo krunch. Now I have a new favorite cereal. I just placed my second order." -- John

"I just started following the paleo path to nutrition and I am so glad I did. I stumbled upon your site and tried a bunch of items to see what you were all about. I have loved everything so far! The paleo krunch cereal is out of this world! Your beef jerky packs are delicious. I am so glad I found your site and you have a customer for life. Keep up the good work." -- Donna

"I just placed my first order after a friend suggested I watch a TED Talk about reversing MS. My doctors believe that I have irreversible nerve damage and I aim to prove them wrong. I'm starting my paleo journey at the end of this month and purchased a few of your products to help get me started (and keep me on track). I just wanted to say that I think it's great what you're doing for the kids (I'm an East coast transplant) and for people like me who need a little bit of help in "getting" the paleo diet." -- Genevieve

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your products. It has been a hard 2 weeks not having my bars, I’ve been waiting to order once the seasonal bar was announced. Bacon bars!!! WOW could it get any better, maybe if there was dark chocolate in with it… I am so excited for my shipment to arrive. You cinnamon cereal is one of my favorite breakfast with almond yogurt and fresh berries." -- Christie

"I've just received my third order of GF Paleokits, and can't get enough! I'm a medical student, with very little time to spend preparing food, and they are PERFECT to throw in my school bag and open in the middle of the day when I need some good protein to keep me going. When these are on the menu, I can barely wait for lunch! In my package today, I also got my first Paleostix (GF spinach and GF), and couldn't wait until tomorrow to try them-- I ripped open a package and they are WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for providing such delicious, high quality snacks for me and for so many others." -- Cecilia

"I got my package of goodies yesterday and I'm SO happy with my purchase. I tried the bacon bar and the cinnamon crunch and both are so yummy. I can't wait to try the rest of your products. -- Pam Paleokits were a life saver over the regionals weekend. With all that junky fair food they sure kept me and my 3 friends on track! They were delicious nutritious and filling! Thank you!" -- Michel

"I'm pretty sure my daughter and I would not have survived the SoCal Crossfit regionals without the Just Jerky and PaleoKrunch kits...I'm happy to have the money we spent go to a good cause instead of the overpriced vendors. Now I need to order more....3 of the jerky kits didn't last long!! WAY TOO YUMMY!!" -- Sara

"Just received my buffalo wing chicken jerky!!!! So HAPPY!! YUM YUM YUM!!! :) thank you." -- Noelle

"I got my first order from you all a couple weeks back and really wanted to write to you all about how pleased I am with EVERYTHING. Since it was my first order I went with a sampler, some Bacon PaleoKrunch bars, and an additional tub of the cinnamon crunch cereal. ( it was my friends favorite and came highly recommended) All I can say is WOW, everything you all make is AWESOME. I have been on a paleo diet for 5 months now, and your snacks come as a great treat. The paleo crunch bars have been great before and after runs, and the jerky is great throughout the day. Thanks for all the awesome stuff I will surely be ordering more soon!" -- Mark

"I will admit, I have had my reservations about Paleo..since it seems so against the typical processed fast food I have been so used to for so long. But your products reminded me of a great thing..GOOD, HEALTHY, CLEAN food tastes even better. Thanks again!" -- Jessica

"I got Paleo Krunch in my first PaleoPax this week. HEAVEN. Just placed my order with you. It hit every need for my body’s love of sugar free and no grains. It’s warm, hearty, yummy, chewy – I can go on and on. Keep up the hard work." -- Michelle

"I just wanted to say thank you for your products and an extra thank you for shipping to APO addresses. My husband is currently in Afghanistan and having issues being able to make a paleo meal out of the chow hall food. He's been there almost a month and so far all I've had shipped to him is a sampler pack and an MRE to try. I have been told to order more because "this (stuff) rocks!" -- Erin

"I'm currently stationed in Afghanistan, working as a flight medic, and have to say that I would be starving if not for Steve's Original. Thank you so much for the quality food!!!" -- MSgt Geoff

"I am new to the Paleo world and I found your products about a month ago. I tried the chicken jerky and LOVE it!!! I placed another order, double this time and added some cereal and bars. I just got it today and am already obsessed with the cereal!! OMG I cannot believe how amazing it is!!! I placed a new order already!!! I think you have created a Steve's Paleo monster now:) Thanks for making such delicious stuff!!!" -- Diane

"Just wanted to praise you guys for your awesome customer service, expedient shipping, and most importantly - the quality of your products. I've made numerous purchases through you guys, and I've never been let down. My recent order included dried strawberries and mango. (insert combination of exploitives)!!!!! The strawberries are so good, I want to eat the whole bag in one sitting. The mango is delicious as well - and I've never liked mango. Most importantly, my wife loves your PaleoKits, including the dried strawberries! Her favorite product is Berky. Take care guys. You ROCK!" -- Luis

"Uhhhhmazing PaleoStix!! Thank u Sooo much, they are so good!" -- Christina

"Having eaten Paleo since early '09 I've gotten to taste almost every Paleo product out there, and Steve's Original Paleo Kit still tops the list as the best tasting and most Paleo friendly snack you can find in a package. These things have sustained me through multiple international flights, on hikes, and when I'm just plain busy around the house. I strongly recommend Steve's Original Paleo Kits to anyone in search of an awesome and easy Paleo snack. Rock on!" -- Nik from Paleo Treats

"YUM! I have SO missed my morning cereal since beginning my Paleo Journey. I like eggs, but not every day! Your Paleo Crunch hits the spot! Thank you!!!" -- Allison

"I tried these kits a few months ago and became hooked. They're delicious and super useful when I am on the road for work. And I really like that my money goes to help kids learn how to Crossfit and the values with which you make your products and run your company. Awesome stuff!" -- Matt

"Paleo changed it all for me. Myriad of severe health issues completely reversed from living Paleo. Just had a bunch of samples of your crunch at the Games in Carson. You have me my granola back minus the pain and illness. Keep up the incredible work." -- Richard

"I love the product and your vision! Keep up the good work, and know that it is appreciated and a step in the right direction for our nation and world! If all businesses donated a small portion of their profits to organizations like yours, we'd never worry for funding youth activities, education, and health/fitness. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow!" -- Karl

"I've been slowly trying your products as I can and I haven't tasted 1 item that I didn't like. Plus the fact that you use part of the proceeds for a good cause makes me want to support you guys every time I have spare money. I'm a huge advocate of your company, your products and your mission. Keep it up!" -- Mitch

"Just wanted to say thanks. You guys make Paleo possible for me. My company has 30 employees and we have projects all over the Midwest. I am consistently on the go. If I didn’t have Paleo kits and your conveniently packaged snacks, it would be almost impossible to stay on my diet. I recently took some time off from healthy living and ate a typical American diet…..ugh. I’m done and back on track. Thanks for giving me the tools to do so. Keep up the good work." -- Aaron

"Just wanted to send a note of praise and thanks! I'm always super excited when my orders arrive and always so promptly. Equally as excited about the new marinades and dressings I got. Thanks for making the paleo lifestyle a little easier and definitely tastier!" -- Jill

"I went to my friend's house today (as usual) for our daily Sealfit workout. He was eating a Bacon PaleoKrunch Bar, I curiously had a bite and for the entire workout all I was thinking about was this bar. The sweetness mixed with the bacon is just to die for. I've been browsing your site and love the intention of your program while still producing a great product. I had to order a box of bacon krunch, it's just Irresistable! Thanks!" -- Andrew

"I got my first Paleo kits yesterday and am officially hooked!! They are super yummy! Than you so much!!"

"We looked at beef jerky in stores, didn't like the ingredients, and my husband has been a little too pressed for time to make some of his own. So, today I finally went online to check out your products. I loved the variety. But, I also noticed the 15% donation to the kids club. Part of me thought, "well, that's nice," while another part of me thought, "it'd be cheaper if someone wasn't deciding for me to make a donation." Mind you, I am a special education teacher, and one that was in it for the right reasons. I'm not small-minded, but I was being a little cheap. Then, I clicked on "About." And, then you wow'd me. What you are doing is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. We can all talk big. But, it says something that you went above and beyond the normal stuff, and really went out there and made a difference. And, it's probably the first line that online shopping left me inspired and thinking about what really matters. Thank you." -- Tracy

"I had heard about the paleo lifestyle through a friend of mine at work. I did some research and came across this site and ordered a bunch of things right away. Got my shipment today and tasted my first Berky. I was amazed at how great it tasted. I think it will be a favorite of mine and can not wait to try the other products I received. Thank you for creating such a tasty and healthy food. I will be ordering from you again for sure." -- Brenna

"INCREDIBLE!!! I am very impressed with your product and made my parents order from you too! I am telling everyone I know about your site. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I want the recipe of the Krunch bars, lol." -- Kellie

"Just got my sample kit today. I have been a jerky "connoisseur" for years and I have to say your beef jerky is by far the best I've ever had. I am amazed that you have made so much flavor out of so few ingredients, and just great cuts of great meat. Funny how good food can be if people just cared about the ingredients." -- Heath

"I just wanted to send a quick note (which by the way, I don't do often) to let you know how insanely good your products are and how obsessed I am with them. I have my office getting hooked now too!! At any rate, keep up the amazing work and know that you have a loyal customer here in Toronto." -- Erin

"Awesome in a bag batman!!!! You guys have made my life simple, easy, and delicious! I thank you for your great products, and also the military discount you provide for us." -- Joshua

"I just started the paleo diet last week. The only obstacles I knew I would have serious trouble with is finding quick easy clean snacks, and salad dressing. I received my order today in the mail and I am a happy girl. I love your product! The apple pie krunch, original krunch, and krunch bars are amazing. You will be my saving grace. My husband and I ordered your samples of crunch as well as dressings/sauces. We will definitely be returning customers."-- Linda and Jason

"I really love your paleo krunch grainless granola bar. I missed something sweet with coffee first thing in the morning and these are so filling. Thx for making a difference." Judy

"I have purchased the PaleoKrunch Sampler and am ordering another. Everything is so absolutely awesome. Thank you for making a product that is delicious and helps me meet my nutritional goals. I can't wait until I can buy the Bacon Krunch bars in the spring." -- Nicole

"Got my first package of jerky today and all I can say is amazing. I work in construction and always eat lunch on the go. Before paleo I'd grab an egg sandwich and a coffee or an energy drink and some gas station beef jerky. Glad to find you guys. Now I can leave some in the truck for quick lunches. Also, keep up the good work with the kids. It's nice to support a company that has the right ideas." -- Pete

"Wow! I just got my first order and I have tried the chicken jerky, beef jerky, the sticks, the krunch bar and some of the dried fruit. I am amazed and thrilled that it is sooooo good!" -- Peppi

"Received my sampler box about a week ago and all your products are amazing. I especially love the cereal. Keep up the good work!" -- Grenville

"I just had to write back and say OMG the Espresso Crunchbar is AMAZING. I love all your stuff, and it's just so nice to have a snack I can feel good about!" -- Katherine

"Just got my first shipment and it definitely will not be the last. Who needs gluten when you have PaleoKrunch!! My only challenge is eating it in moderation!" -- Kyla

"Thanks for the awesome whole foods and great service, you guys are one of a kind!" -- Danielle

"Yum and thanks for making paleo snacking so much easier!" -- ACM

"I received my first package yesterday and tasted some of the items I bought and they are AMAZING!!!!! They are so great I'll be placing another order (larger order) this weekend. :-)" -- Jen

"I just received my first order. I tried the Chicken Jerky and Paleo Crunch and it's DELICIOUS! Can't wait to try the other samples I chose and make this a regular part of my diet. So glad to have discovered your organization, your community outreach and the delicious food! Thank you."-Jill

"Just got my first shipment of paleo kits and paleo krunch yesterday. Had some paleo krunch with coconut milk and a banana and im in love! Already thinkin about placing another order lol, U guys rock!!"-- Patrice

"I am hooked!! I did samplers of the jerky, snack packs, and dried fruits. My favorites so far are the strawberries, granola bars and cereals, cranberries, basically everything I have opened has been a happy surprise. Wish I would have thought of it first :)" ---Jennifer

"I ordered my first Paleo sampler a few weeks ago. All the products are amazing. I commend you on your company primarily on the fact on how you are helping at risk youth..."-- Steve

"Received my 1st order yesterday. Love, love, LOVE the cinnamon swirl Paleo Krunch! I am a cereal junkie & this makes me so very happy! Thank you, thank you!"-- Michelle

"OMG...that Dark Chocolate Espresso Krunch bar was soooo worth the wait!! What a devine flavor! I'll have to keep these all to myself! Thanks for providing such a quality source for Paleo Goodies:) It almost tastes too good to be true!"-- Sara

"Can't wait to place my next order. I bow down."-- Lisa

I love your paleo cereal! By far the best cereal that I have ever tasted! And I would say the same for your beef sticks!" -- Marilou

"I just received my first order yesterday and I placed a second today. I love the chicken jerky! It is amazing."-- Nicole

"I grabbed one of the espresso chocolate bars as a snack on my way out the door because I knew dinner would be late... OMGoodness with the amazing. If this bar is any indications, I can see a beautiful friendship forming between us. :-)"-- Melanie

"Cracked open my first Bacon Paleo Crunch Bar today and when I could finally speak, I only had 2 words for it; 'holy crap!' Like all of your products, this one is awesome! Keep up the great work!"-- Ian Cruse

"I'm really glad you guys are around. I hesitate traveling for long periods of time because I worry I'll go hungry (I have to do GF and I do paleo). Now for what I would spend at restaurants while traveling I can buy more than enough Paleo food to last me. I look forward to ordering from you guys!"

"Received my first ever PaleoKits yesterday!! The Beef Jerky - Nuts - Berries pack was the best thing EVER!!! Me and my boyfriend LOVED it, even though we didn't expect to enjoy the strawberry in the mix, it was delicious! We still have two Paleo Kruch - Bacon Lovers bar (during the shipping process it transformed into granola instead of a bar, but it doesn't matter) and we can't wait to taste those too! Definitely NOT our last order, thank A LOT!!!"-- Nina Vachkova

"These Apple Pie PaleoKits are a little slice of heaven. I should have ordered 25 instead of 5."-- Saul Stroud

"Just tried the Peach BBQ sauce: FANTASTIC!"-- Kristen Richards

"Just got my snacks in the mail today and I have to say OMG on the Paleo Krunch!!!"-- Kathryn Fowler Stallins

"Just had the original Paleo Krunch bar and it was delicious!"-- Heidi Falkner Parker

"Just received my PaleoKits by Steve's PaleoGoods Paleo Sampler and Tomato Balsamic PaleoChef... all I can say is YUM!!! :)"-- Deanna Jackson

"OMG I just went online and saw Apple Paleo Kits are year round. My day was just made :-)"-- Lynne Doucette

"OMG - the cinnamon cereal is to die for!! Better than any grain cereal I've tried (and that would be a lot, I've been a big cereal eater all my life)!"---- Brooke Baker Bass

"I just want to say thank you for creating PaleoKits! It has made my trip to see family alone a 2 month old and 4 year old, nursing baby with a dairy/soy allergy, and a deployed husband so much easier! I can eat food and survive the flight and traveling with out being that hungry angry person!! So thank you for keeping me from being hangry!!!"-- Anne Obermueller

"I ordered my first Sampler last week- PaleoKrunch. It is so delish! Thanks for a great product!"-- Allison Elmer

"Got my first order and love it all!!!!! And it was delivered so fast! Since I live in Alaska that is really great!! Thank you!"-- Jessi Gibson

"L-O-V-E Maple Mustard! Made some great burgers: ground beef, chopped bacon & broccoli slaw AND ground pork, broccoli slaw & shredded apple fried up in bacon grease! Yummm!"-- Cherie Lewis

"I can't wait for tubing season down here in Texas... Last year I wasn't really into the paleo scene, but now that I am, I'll be taking PaleoKits on the river!" --Tanner Jay

"Being new to Crossfit, and the whole Paleo thing, I noticed your add on several websites I visited. So I decided to check it out! I ordered 5 Espresso Krunch Bars, Grassfed Paleo Sticks, and one bag of Chicken Jerky. To make a long story short, I am in love with the Espresso Krunch Bar! My goodness this thing is good, not just tastewise, but healthwise too! The Chicken Jerky will definitely be part of my next order, as I fell in love with it too... The sticks are good as well! Awesome products guys!"-- Andreane Fraser

"Just got my first order today....After a terrible day at work I was super excited to see that brown box on the porch. I have never been so excited to eat something healthy. Let me just tell you I very much enjoyed my FIRST EVER grass fed PaleoKit!!! You made my terrible day at work disappear with every bite!"-- Dani

"Just got my Steve's Original Sample Pack on Monday. So exciting to try all of the different ones and hard not to open them all. Just cracked open the granola cereal. OH MY GOODNESS! So flipping good!!! Thanks Steve's!!!" -- Tanya

"I LOVE, LOVE your products! I just received a huge order of the bars and loose granola. I don't think I could ever live without them now!!!"-- Candy

"Just got my sampler kit today. Paleo Krunch!! My new favorite thing:) Thank you! I am so excited to eat cereal again and try some of the other flavors."-- Amy

"A case of Paleo Stix every 3-weeks isn't considered an addiction, is it???? ;)"-- Susan

"Just placed my first order - can't wait to get it! Thank you so much for the military discount, it means so much that you're thinking of us!"-- Jenna

"My Paleokits just arrived in Afghanistan, you guys make an exceptional product. Im going to have to keep these kits under lock and key so noone snatches them! Thanks for shipping APO and offering a military discount guys, means alot!"-- Louis

"Love, Love, pink puffy heart love the paleo kits! They have changed snack time forever!!"-- Jennifer

"I work on cell phone towers for a living. I love PaleoKits! Thank you so much for developing something convenient, that gives me energy to do my job, without risking a carb crash at 250' off the ground. They are absolutely perfect, and I couldn't live without them."-- Jennifer

"I just received my first order. I tried the Chicken Jerky and Paleo Krunch and it's DELICIOUS! Can't wait to try the other samples I chose and make this a regular part of my diet. So glad to have discovered your organization, your community outreach and the delicious food! Thank you."-- Jill

"Just got my first shipment of paleo kits and paleo krunch yesterday. Had some paleo krunch with coconut milk and a banana and im in love! Already thinkin about placing another order lol, U guys rock!!"-- Patrice

"I am hooked!! I did samplers of the jerky, snack packs, and dried fruits. My favorites so far are the strawberries, granola bars and cereals, cranberries, basically everything I have opened has been a happy surprise. Wish I would have thought of it first :)"-- Jennifer

"I ordered my first Paleo sampler a few weeks ago. All the products are amazing. I commend you on your company primarily on the fact on how you are helping at risk youth..."-- Steve

"Received my 1st order yesterday. Love, love, LOVE the cinnamon swirl Paleo Krunch! I am a cereal junkie & this makes me so very happy! Thank you, thank you!"-- Michelle

"OMG...that Dark Chocolate Espresso Krunch bar was soooo worth the wait!! What a devine flavor! I'll have to keep these all to myself! Thanks for providing such a quality source for Paleo Goodies:) It almost tastes too good to be true!"-- Sara

"I just bought and very shortly after arriving, devoured your paleo crunch! I am in love with it. And the fact that you stand behind such a good cause, I am so impressed. Thank you!! Very happy customer :)" -- Stephanie

"I am a Marine currently deployed in Afghanistan. I stumbled across ya'lls products when looking for healthy snacks. My fellow marines and I have become huge fans of everything you guys sell and it provides us a healthy alternative to eat on long flights and missions day in and day out. Again just wanted to say thanks for a great product and delicious snacks. As well we are proud to support Steve's Club! It is an awesome program and I pray that you all continue to help those kids and succeed in your business!"-- Justin

"I received my paleo goods two days ago, and my wife and whole family loves them! We will be ordering from you guys a lot now! I hope you keep coming up with more stuff because we have loved everything you have so far!"-- Waylon

"Loving everything about your company! Thanks for producing such great products! :)" -- Amy

"I decided to try your jerky and some dried fruit to pack along with me for a trip I'm taking - paying the little extra for overnight shipping was worth it but is leading me to a dilemma. After sampling what I ordered, there is no way I ordered enough. :-)" -- Dan